How to Record From Home


Guitar, Mic, Voice, Audacity, LMMS


First you have to get a mic

A Blue Snowball Microphone is a very cheap yet high quality option. You can wait for it to go on sale at your local Guitar Center…

OR you can find it for cheap through Google Search Shopping Results

Next you can download free Digital Audio Workspace(or better known as a DAW) named Audacity.

After you have these things in place, the drivers for the microphone should install itself once you plug it in to your computer/laptop.

If you’re a newbie to using a Digital Audio Workspace, you can easily Google search how to use Audacity.

I’m assuming you have an acoustic guitar and you know how to sing. But you can easily buy a cheap guitar from your local guitar dealer, or you can find a guitar through Craigslist. Just make sure it’s decent enough to record with and stays in tune when you play it.

To tune a guitar, you can use a built in tuner if the guitar has one or you can buy a tuner for pretty cheap locally, or online.

Once you are tuned up and are ready to record your first acoustic track you hit the record button and start playing and singing.

If you are not comfortable playing and singing at the same time you can always record the guitar parts first, and record the vocals next.

If you want to practice writing your own songs, that’s fine…

However, it might be easier to learn someone else’s song and then build up to performing your own song live.

Here are some good beginner lessons for learning how to play guitar.

I have issues keeping good time and playing the song straight through. That’s why I learned to sing and play guitar at the same time. I just google searched how to play and sing at the same time. After that, I also watched YouTube videos of people giving advice on how.

If you have any questions, you can contact a trusted musician friend to help you get started.

And remember that most questions have already been asked and answered by other musicians and pros. Just perform a google search that asks a simple question and the results should give you plenty of answers.

If you don’t like an answer that one result gives you (maybe it doesn’t apply to your situation), go back to your google search until you find the answer you like, or that represents your situation.

If you don’t have any backing music, or any knack for playing guitar, you can download an instrumental beat. I recommend a royalty free beat.

However, you can record over someone else’s popular instrumental. Just don’t offer it for sale or you could get in trouble.

You can post it on YouTube, but the content owner could place their own ads over your video.
It’s risky using someone else’s music, but as long as you’re not selling it, the owner might not care.

However, if you make your own beat that replicates someone else’s, but you remake the entire beat yourself and use your own original lyrics, I have been advised by a lawyer that it is completely legal to sell on your own. But ask a lawyer on your own just to be sure you’re not about to violate the original content creator.

If you have beat making software then you should definitely write your own backing beats.

If you do not have your own beat making software, use this free program: Let’s Make Music Software (LMMS)

You can program drums, industrial grooves, rap beats and even symphony sounds with this program.

If you have these tools, this is more than enough to get you started, so good luck on all your endeavors!

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